Tickets Bolivia

Who we are

Tickets Bolivia is a tickets sale platform that helps travelers purchase bus and train tickets online in Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

You can search online and book bus and train tickets in English or Spanish and buy in US dollars or Bolivianos.

Compare your options using Bolivia’s most extensive inventory of buses: 40 bus companies connecting 30 cities across 5 countries with over 200 bus routes.

Our mission

Tickets Bolivia was founded in 2014 to help travelers find information on bus and train tickets in Bolivia and facilitate the purchase of tickets in advance from anywhere in the world.

Before people had to go to the bus terminal and buy tickets directly at the bus company counter. Tickets were only available a few days before the trip departure and it was very difficult to find online information on schedules, bus terminals and prices. However, the industry is now changing and Tickets Bolivia is leading the way of online tickets sales. 

Every year new routes are added and Tickets Bolivia is expanding to other countries in South America and even to flights inside Bolivia.

What we do

Tickets Bolivia is an intermediary between the customer and the bus and train operators and other travel service providers. 

We help book tickets and we provide personalized customer service to assist with any questions regarding your trip. We also help process any complaint the passenger has with the bus company.

Tickets Bolivia caters to Bolivian, foreign tourists and visitors who are planning their trip in Bolivia and neighboring countries. Tickets can be purchased a year in advance.

What to expect

Tickets Bolivia only travels with the best and most reliable travel operators.
Through our social media Tickets Bolivia keeps travelers updated by sending news about strikes, roadblocks, scheduled maintenance, weather condition and other important information. 

Additionally, all our customers can reach out to our customer service for any information or support. Tickets Bolivia strives to help travelers have the best experience in Bolivia.

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