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1.1. Access and use of the website

The website you are accessing is owned by (hereinafter, “TicketsBolivia”), a sole proprietorship Company created under the regulations of the Plurinational State of Bolivia. The services offered by TicketsBolivia can only be accessed by users who have read in full the General Terms and Conditions and have accepted them by clicking on the corresponding box provided for that purpose. If you do not accept these terms by clicking the box it is not possible to continue with the reservation process, although you will be authorized to continue browsing the website for informational purposes and being subject to the General Terms and Conditions. The user accepts to comply with the obligations contained in these General Terms and Conditions. The agreement between TicketsBolivia and the user shall be deemed to have entered into full force and effect when the user accepts the established Terms and Conditions.

1.2 Definitions

To facilitate the understanding of these General Terms and Conditions, we inform you of the following definitions:

Client: Any person who contracts any of the Services offered by TicketsBolivia through the Website.

Transport Operator: Understood as any natural or legal person that provides, by itself or through third parties contracted by itself, the transport services offered by the TicketsBolivia Website.

Service: All services offered on the Website, mainly the management and booking of transport services, complementary services provided within the means of transport, related payment processing services and complementary customer support services.

Website: It refers, interchangeably, to the website or to the website, as well as to the web pages contained within said website.

Third Party Provider: Any natural or legal person that provides, by itself or by third parties contracted by itself, any complementary services such as the payment management platforms, etc. The Transportation Operators are in turn a Third Party Provider.
Special Terms and Conditions: These are the terms and conditions established individually by each Transportation Operator whose services are offered through the Website.

TicketsBolivia : Refers to the owner of the Website, a sole proprietorship created under the regulations of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, with Commercial Registration No. 00170420, domiciled in La Paz, Bolivia. The Operator is in charge of offering management services between the Client and the Transport Operator, for the purchase of transport tickets through its Website.

1.3 Scope

TicketsBolivia manages the Website and acts as an intermediary between the Client and the various Transport Operators that offer the Services. When you make a reservation for a Service using the Website, you will be executing a contract with TicketsBolivia for which you instruct TicketsBolivia to act on your behalf, for the management, purchase and payment of transport tickets, under the figure of commercial representation, in exchange for the payment of a commission.

This means that you become a Client and authorize TicketsBolivia to manage and purchase, on your behalf and/or on behalf of third parties whose personal data are provided by you, transport tickets offered by Transport Operators.

These General Terms and Conditions constitute the clauses and conditions of the contract between the Client and TicketsBolivia. These are available to the Client before the reservation is formalized and are de facto accepted by the Client when he makes the reservation. It is the responsibility of the Client to know these General Terms and Conditions.

Likewise, TicketsBolivia will make available to the Client the Special Terms and Conditions of the Transport Operator whose services were contracted by the Client, in case said Special Terms and Conditions have been previously communicated to TicketsBolivia. In this case, the Client declares that at the time of contracting the Services he also agrees to submit to the duly informed Special Terms and Conditions.

1.4 Client rights and obligations

The Client must be at least 18 years of age, and have the legal ability to enter into a binding contract and have the consent or the necessary powers to act on behalf of the people included in a reservation. The Client must also use the Website in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions.

The Client is responsible for his actions performed on the Website (financially and in every way), which includes the possible use of his username and password. The Client guarantees that the information provided on the Website in relation to him or her and, if applicable, the travel companions, is accurate and up to date.

Likewise, by accepting the General Terms and Conditions, the Client also agrees to respect and follow the Terms of Service, the conditions to change tickets and the conditions for cancellations and refunds, contained in this Website.

1.5 Services offered by TicketsBolivia

The TicketsBolivia Website offers every user who enters the Website access to information about the products and services of various Third Party Providers, which are Operators that are related to tourism, travel, transportation and payment systems, so that the Client can reserve and pay for these products and services from these Third Party Providers through the Website. Specifically, Tickets Bolivia offers two main services:

1.5.1 Search engine

The user of the Website has the possibility of using the travel search engine contained in the TicketsBolivia booking platform. According to the search criteria selected by the user, different travel options with different transport Operators are shown and presented clearly. We cannot guarantee the integrity or accuracy of the results. We depend on the information provided by the Third Party Providers or other reservation platforms. However, TicketsBolivia updates the information of Third Party Providers as soon as they are aware of any modification.

1.5.2 Reservation system

Once the user selects the route and seat(s) (if applicable) and proceeds to select the acceptance box of the General Terms and Conditions, they become a Client and has access to our reservation system, through which they can proceed to book and buy the travel tickets of their choice. From that moment, TicketsBolivia becomes the agent of the Client under a commercial representation agreement. Once the user has chosen the Transport Operator and the corresponding service, TicketsBolivia is responsible for contacting the chosen Transport Operator and making the payment of the Service on behalf of the Client. All this to ensure that the selection and purchase of the Service is done correctly. In some cases, the user must reimburse TicketsBolivia with the amount made in advance in his capacity as representative.

To proceed with the reservation and payment of the Services, we collect the necessary data (eg the name of the traveler or travelers, email address, information on the means of payment) in accordance with our data protection policy. We then, as the agent of the Client, forward the reservation to the respective travel service provider. Tickets are sold in the name and on behalf of the corresponding Transport Operator.

1.6 Payment

When the Client proceeds to reserve a Service through the booking platform of our Website, we charge a reservation fee of variable amount, of which the Client will be duly informed before proceeding to finalize the payment. You can find more information about this in the payment methods section of the Terms of Service.

1.7 Limits of the responsability of TicketsBolivia

TicketsBolivia strives to ensure the accuracy of the information on the Website. To provide data on travel services and connections, we rely on the information provided by the respective Third Party Providers. We do not have the ability to fully verify the accuracy and timeliness of the information we collect and display, but we do sign agreements with the Transport Operators whereby such Operators agree that they must keep us informed about changes in their own itineraries or conditions of their services. We only perform a check when necessary. Please check the travel information regarding your trip.

We cannot give our Clients any guarantee or security as to the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the travel information. The same applies to all other information that we present on our Website and that is or has been made available to us by Third Party Providers.

When displaying the offers from Third Party Providers, we do not assume responsibility for the availability of the Service or travel connections at the time of booking (on the pages of the Third Party Provider) or for the effective and flawless provision of the service contracted with the Third Parties Providers. Because the transport services contract is made between the Client and the Transport Operator, any question or complaint related to the quality of the service must be resolved with the Transport Operator itself, TicketsBolivia being exempt from any responsibility. TicketsBolivia will support and provide any assistance required by the Client. Our customer support department will be available to answer any questions or suggestions at the email address

We cannot be held accountable for changes or problems in the service for which we are not responsible. We always strive to ensure the operation without errors or interruptions. However, we cannot assume any responsibility for any problems, delays and interruptions of our offer. This applies in particular to technical delays and stops, and to any consequence that may result from it.

1.7.1 Direct trips with unexpected stops

In some cases, unexpected stops, which may include bus changes or waiting in some intermediate cities, may be necessary. If this information is available before starting the trip, the client will be informed as soon as possible. If we do not receive the information from the Transport Operator about any unforeseen changes, TicketsBolivia will not assume any responsibility for unexpected stops or changes.

1.8 Intellectual and industrial property rights

All content on the TicketsBolivia website (including, but not limited to, texts, graphics, logos, icons, buttons, images, audios and software) is the property of TicketsBolivia or the content of its suppliers, and is protected both by international and national regulations. The compilation (understood as collection, arrangement and assembly) of all the contents of the TicketsBolivia website is the exclusive property of TicketsBolivia and is protected by national and international intellectual property regulations. All the software used by the TicketsBolivia website or belonging to the suppliers is protected by national and intellectual property regulations. Any other use of the content on the website is strictly prohibited, including its reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, subsequent publication, exhibition and/or total or partial communication. In particular, any other use of the images contained in the TicketsBolivia website outside its website is strictly prohibited without the express consent of TicketsBolivia and/or its suppliers.

TicketsBolivia and other product names, services, graphics and logos of TicketsBolivia are registered both nationally and internationally. The names of other products, services and Operators mentioned in this document may be registered by their respective owners.

1.9 Links to other websites

The TicketsBolivia website may contain links to other websites that are not managed by TicketsBolivia, which are included for reference purposes only. TicketsBolivia does not carry out any control over these web pages nor is it responsible for their content.

The inclusion of links to other websites does not imply that TicketsBolivia promotes, guarantees or recommends these sites. These links are used for informational purposes only, without any valuation of content, services or products offered.

1.10 Contact and notifications

In case you have complaints or think that certain contents of our offer violate your rights or rights of third parties, you can notify us by email to or phone number (591) 2-2129774 

1.11 Applicable law, jurisdiction and other considerations

The contractual relationship between TicketsBolivia and the Client is governed by Bolivian law. Any claim for violation of the rights of the Client must be made in accordance with the Bolivian rules of consumer protection.

Any dispute arising from the violation of these General Terms and Conditions will be resolved under Bolivian jurisdiction. In that case, the legal domicile of Tickets Bolivia (La Paz, Bolivia) is also the place of jurisdiction if the Client does not reside in Bolivia. Any other mandatory legal jurisdictions for Clients who are consumers in their respective countries or places of permanent residence will not be affected.


2.1 Reservations

All travel reservations made through the Website reservation system are processed immediately and bus ticket purchases are confirmed instantly, as long as the corresponding payment has been received. The confirmation of a reservation, which contains all the necessary information, such as the description of the reserved Services, the price and the electronic ticket, will be sent to the Client by email. If the Client does not receive a confirmation email within 2 hours of making the reservation, he must contact the Customer Service department at the following email address:

Please note that a travel agent will review your reservation information and verify that all necessary information is complete before issuing tickets. If we cannot contact you to complete or verify this information, your reservation could be canceled.

If your financial institution does not authorize your credit card charges and payments derived from this transaction, we will notify you immediately via email to determine if the information entered into our systems and/or our payment processing service is sufficient and correct. You must make a new reservation with an alternative payment method. If we do not receive a response within 24 hours, your reservation will be canceled immediately.

TicketsBolivia does not accept reservations via text messages or by phone.

2.2 Duplication of reservations

TicketsBolivia is not responsible for duplication of reservations made by the Client through our Website. If this situation arises, we will provide the Client with all our support to resolve this situation, within the limits established by our terms and conditions.

Our Website does not prevent our Clients from making reservations that are difficult to implement, such as trips to different places on the same dates and/or times; or trips with connections on incongruous dates and/or times. If the user makes these types of reservations, TicketsBolivia does not accept any responsibility and will not reimburse the customer for the cost of the tickets, in accordance with the limits established in our terms and conditions.

2.3 Tickets

Tickets are all the tickets that the Client can buy through the Website are electronic tickets. Once you have made your purchase, TicketsBolivia will send you a confirmation email with the corresponding electronic ticket. Please note that the electronic ticket serves only as proof of the Service contracted by the Client, but not as the final ticket to access said Service.

The electronic ticket sent will serve to redeem the transport ticket issued by the Transport Operator. For this, the Client must go to the office of the Transport Operator indicated on the electronic ticket before the departure of the selected route. In the event that the Service contracted includes several routes that are covered by several Transport Operators, the Client must make the exchange of the corresponding transport tickets at the offices of each relevant Transport Operator.

TicketsBolivia understands that the information provided by the Client is accurate and, therefore, is not responsible if the electronic ticket does not arrive due to an incorrect email address or its spam settings. You must immediately notify TicketsBolivia if you change your email address or contact phone number. In addition, it is the responsibility of the Client to verify that the name that appears on their passport or identity document matches that of their ticket and/or purchase confirmation.

2.4 Modification of personal data registered during the reservation

It is possible to make changes to the names (first name, middle name and last name) registered during the reservation or on an electronic ticket issued by TicketsBolivia. (Only) the customer who made the purchase may request the modification by email, indicating the changes. These changes can be made up to 24 hours (one business day) before the trip starts. TicketsBolivia will send a confirmation of the change between 24 and 48 hours after receiving the corresponding modification request.

2.5 Invoicing

Tickets Bolivia issues an invoice for the commission it receives with respect to purchases generated on its platform. This invoice is listed under the Bolivian National Tax Law.
Transportation companies must issue their invoice for their service, i.e. for the cost of travel tickets. The client must request the invoice from the transportation company at the time of check-in at the transportation company office.
*The invoices issued by Tickets Bolivia contemplate the costs of the commission of your service as an intermediary and the commission for internet payments of the following payment gateways: Cybersource, Tigo Money and payments through QR code. For purchases generated by the payment gateways: PayPal and Stripe, Tickets Bolivia issues the invoice only for the commission costs of its intermediary service.
*Invoices are automatically sent to the client email after the travel date; this is due to the fact that the service may be suspended or modified at the last minute and in these cases we issue a refund of the total amount without payment gateway commission or charges for online transactions.
*The customer agrees to receive the invoice issued by Tickets Bolivia after the date of travel and not at the time of purchase of the tickets online.
* If a purchase has already been declared in Bolivian National Taxes and the invoice has been issued, the total amount invoiced will not be refunded.
EXCEPTION: For travel purchases made by the bus company Trans Copacabana S.A., Tickets Bolivia issues the invoice for the total amount paid.

2.5 General considerations during trips

2.5.1 Request for special services

All special services must be requested before the reservation is confirmed and the electronic ticket is issued by TicketsBolivia. Before making your reservation, please contact our customer service to make the respective request to the corresponding Transport Operator.

The Transport Operator reserves the right to accept or reject the request for these special services. In some cases, special services can result in additional costs for the Client.

2.5.2 Check-in at the bus terminal

For national trips, all passengers must check-in at the counter of the bus Operator at least THIRTY (30) minutes before the indicated time of departure, proceeding to the exchange of their electronic ticket for the ticket of the Transport Operator. Most bus terminals in Bolivia and Peru charge an additional fee for the use of their spaces, which must be covered by the passenger. Passengers must confirm their registration details with the agents of the bus Operators. For international trips, passengers must register at least ONE HOUR before the indicated departure.

2.5.3 Luggage

Each Transport Operator has its own rules related to baggage handling. If your luggage is damaged or lost, the rules of each bus Operator apply as well as the applicable laws in the corresponding country. TicketsBolivia does not recognize any responsibility for the handling of the luggage of the Client.
The responsibility of the Transport Operators regarding the delay, loss or damage of luggage is limited unless the value has been established prior to the trip, informed to the Transport Operator and accepted by all parties. The value of the luggage, to be accepted by the Transport Operator, must be required as a special service during the reservation of the tickets. Additional costs may result from this special service. For most bus journeys, the responsibility for the luggage depends on the bus Operator and the distance of the trip. In general, bus Operators do not accept responsibility for fragile, high-value or perishable items. The passenger can request more information about the limit of responsibility of the Transport Operators through our customer service.

2.5.4 Transport of animals

Some pets may be authorized to be transported on the bus, as long as they meet the conditions established by the Transport Operator.

The Client may request authorization so that one or more of the passengers may be accompanied by guide dogs. The Client must remember that, only AFTER THE SERVICE IS REQUESTED AND THE REQUEST IS CONFIRMED, the ticket will be issued. GUIDE DOGS WILL BE ADMITTED ON THE BUS ONLY IF THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS ARE MET:

  • When they are accompanying passengers who depend on them for orientation.
  • Guide dogs will not occupy a seat on the bus and will accompany the passenger so as not to bother the other passengers.

2.5.5 Passengers with reduced mobility

This category includes passengers who require special assistance during the trip due to motor or sensory limitations. Some examples are passengers who require wheelchairs; passengers with visual or auditory limitations; passengers who require crutches or special equipment to move around; or passengers who for one reason or another require assistance to enter and move inside the bus during the trip.

Very few bus Operators in Bolivia offer special services for people with reduced mobility due to the limited number of spaces reserved for these services. To request this service in advance and verify its availability, passengers must request information prior to booking their tickets by sending a message to

2.5.6 Documents and health requirements

Each destination has its own health requirements, regarding formalities to access the sites, vaccines and others, which may vary with the nationality of the passenger. Each country has its own regulations.

It is the responsibility of each passenger to inform themselves and seek the necessary information. Any incident resulting from the lack of health documentation or failure to comply with national regulations will be the responsibility of the passengers and cannot be attributed to TicketsBolivia. It is for this reason that we ask our clients to verify with sufficient anticipation the national requirements related to health documentation, as well as the time necessary for them to be effective.

Without the necessary documentation and if not complying with national regulations, the passenger CANNOT continue his trip. If you are not sure about Bolivian regulations regarding health requirements, we suggest you visit the website of the Bolivian Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( or approach the nearest embassy or consulate.

2.5.7 Minors

For underage passengers, it is mandatory to travel with an identity document or passport. If minors are traveling without the Operator of their parents or a legally established guardian, a legalized authorization signed by the parents will be required.

Persons under 18 cannot be the legal guardians of another minor.


All bus tickets issued for children and teenagers will be verified and passengers must comply with bus Operator regulations and national legislation. Bus Operators will verify that minors are traveling accompanied by their parents or a legal guardian. The Bolivian police may verify their identity documents at any time and in any terminal or destination in Bolivia. The Tourism Police is available at all bus terminals in Bolivia to answer questions.

The child protection offices are open Monday through Sunday from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Important information: No one can travel if they do not have a valid identification document (identity card or passport).

Children must also carry:

  • 1 photocopy of their identity card or passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Identity card or passport of parents or legal guardians
  • Authorizations of the courts or judge in the case of children or adolescents traveling only with one of the parents

2.5.8 Accompanied/unaccompanied infants

Children under 2 years of age (infants) are those who have not completed their second year on the day of the trip and who do not occupy a seat. If they occupy a seat, they will be considered children.
Babies under eight months require special seats that must be requested during the reservation and ticket purchase process. These special seats have an additional cost and are subject to availability and the rules and conditions of each bus Operator.

2.5.9 Travel insurance

Tickets Bolivia does not sell travel insurance. All bus Operators have third party insurance (SOAT), which is required by the national legislation.

2.6 Claims

Complaints must be sent in writing to the email within 90 days after the date of travel. Any claim made after 90 days will not be processed.

2.7 Refunds

TicketsBolivia may act on behalf of the Client to manage the refund of a ticket purchased from a Transport Operator, but does not guarantee that such reimbursement can be made nor the amount that can be refunded by the Transport Operator. Refunds are authorized and processed by the bus Operators and are subject to the Special Terms and Conditions of each Transport Operator. The amount of the commission charged by TicketsBolivia for its Service is not refundable under any circumstances.

To request a refund, the Client must send an email to under the subject "Refund Request" providing data that allows identification (name, email, telephone number, passport number) and describing the reasons for requesting a refund. Additionally, the Client may attach all the documentation that he considers relevant to justify his request for reimbursement. Once said email is received, TicketsBolivia will send a confirmation email informing about the steps to follow according to each specific case.

Economic tickets or discount tickets, also known as “Economic tickets with restrictions,” are usually NOT refundable. TicketsBolivia charges a commission to process refunds, in addition to the additional penalties and costs that result from canceling reservations.

Passengers will not be entitled to a refund if they are refused boarding due to:

  • Not being able to present the required documentation (passports; identity cards; visas; or others that certify the legality of your stay in the country);
  • Invalid or expired documents;
  • Not complying with the laws in force in the country;
  • Any other reason not caused by the Transport Operator or Tickets Bolivia.


If you need to make a change of date, route or time to your ticket, it is your responsibility to notify TicketsBolivia by email at least two business days before the date on which your trip is scheduled. TicketsBolivia, as your representative, will manage the change with the Transport Operator and notify the Customer if it is possible to process the request and what would be the penalties, additional costs and steps to follow. TicketsBolivia does not guarantee in any way that the request will be accepted.

A fee may be imposed by the corresponding Third Party Provider in the event that any changes are made to the reservation by the Client. Please refer to the Special Terms and Conditions communicated to you during the reservation process regarding Cancellations. To modify a reservation TicketsBolivia normally has to cancel the original reservation, which may result in charges imposed by the corresponding Third Party Provider, which may include the total value of the booked trip; In addition, the Client may have to pay a difference for the cost of the new reservation made by TicketsBolivia.

We must emphasize that when you purchase transportation tickets through TicketsBolivia, the non-cancellation of the ticket and the absence of the passenger(s) at the place of departure of the bus or train, will result in the Transportation Operator assigning the status of "no show" to the Client(s), resulting in the loss of reimbursement rights by the Client(s).


4.1 Cancellations at the request of the client

The Client can request the cancellation of one or more of the journeys of his trips by email to the address:, by text message via Facebook or WhatsApp at the number (591) 77274661. 

The Client does not have an automatic right of cancellation, unless the corresponding Third Party Provider specifies it in their own Special Terms and Conditions. In case of a total or partial cancellation of a reservation, compensation may be imposed by the corresponding Third Party Provider. When a cancellation affects more than one person included in the reservation, the corresponding cancellation fee will be applied to each person included in the reservation. In some cases, the cancellation compensation to be paid to the relevant Third Party Providers may amount to the full value of the booked trip, in which case no refund will be made to the Client.

For the cancellation request, the client must include the registration information (name, email, telephone numbers and passenger names), including the unique code of your electronic ticket generated by the system at the time of purchase.

You must take into consideration the following conditions to cancel passages in most cases:

  • If the cancellation request is made at least 48 hours in advance, we will refund 80% of the cancelled ticket. May not include payment gateway fees or taxes as detailed below.
  • If the cancellation request is made at least 24 hours in advance, we will reimburse 50% of the cost of the ticket. May not include payment gateway fees or taxes as detailed below.
  • We will not refund tickets if the cancellation request is made less than 24 hours (1 business day) before the departure of the trip.
  • Some companies do not agree to a cancellation under these percentages and times, we handle this information in general but a carriers trip may not be governed under these percentages or times like international trips. The bus companies that do not allow a cancellation once the tickets is confirmed are: Avalos Tours, Bolivia Hop, Cruz del Sur, Moquegua Turismo, Turismo Mer, Movil Bus, Nativa Express, Oltursa, La Preferida, Todo Turismo, Trans Copacabana 1Mem, Trans Copacabana SA, Trans Tour Juarez.

Important regarding all refunds.

  • Cancellation requests are not processed on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays. They are only processed on business days, Monday through Friday.
  • You have to take into account that Tickets Bolivia does not process credit or debit cards, it outsources to companies specialized in managing online transactions (payment gateways): PayPal, Stripe, PayMe, Tigo Money or others.
  • Payment gateways charge between 2% to 4% for the refund transaction, an amount that is not covered by Tickets Bolivia.
  • If the invoice of the purchased ticket was already declared in National Taxes of Bolivia, the invoiced amount is not refunded.
  • If you paid in US dollars and your bank account is in Bolivians or another local currency, your bank may charge a commission for exchange rates with other currencies.
  • Refunds can take up to 4 business weeks depending on the time it takes the payment gateway and your bank to make the transfer. If there are massive reimbursements due to situations such as social conflicts or natural disasters, the reimbursements can take up to 3 months to complete.

Below, we provide links to the travel cancellation policies of some of the Third Party Providers we work with:

4.2 Cancellations due to events of force majeure

In the event that one or more routes covered in the reservation of a Service cannot be covered due to force majeure reasons (understood as natural disasters, social conflicts, political decisions affecting the service or similar), Tickets Bolivia will, if possible, try to contact the Client an email as soon as the cancellation is confirmed by the Transport Operator or, if possible, explain the reasons for the conflict. In this situation, the Client will have two options:

  • Change the departure date (if possible) or
  • Request an immediate refund of the ticket(s). Including VAT and commissions
In the cases that there is a change or cancellation by the transport company, we will keep the ticket enabled for the next 3 months to be able to modify the date or make a refund of it. After this time, if we do not get a response from the client about this trip, the ticket will be canceled and there will be no possibility of refund, modification or an invoice.

4.3 Refunds

If the Client is due a refund after taking into account the cancellation fees, the party that has received the original payment (either TicketsBolivia or a Third Party Provider that appears on the credit or bank card statement of the Customer) will transfer the amounts in question to the card used to make the original reservation. The reservation fees and commission of TicketsBolivia will not be refundable.?

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