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Bus Company Departure Arrival Type of bus Price from  
Trans Titicaca 21:00 PM 06:00 AM Lie-flat bus $us 26
Trans Omar 21:30 PM 06:30 AM Suit lie-flat bus $us 27
Trans Omar 22:00 PM 07:00 AM Semi lie-flat bus $us 13
Trans Omar 21:30 PM 06:30 AM Lie-flat bus $us 15
Todo Turismo 21:00 PM 07:00 AM Tourist bus 160 $us 39
Panasur 22:15 PM 07:15 AM Lie-flat bus $us 16
Panasur 21:00 PM 06:00 AM Lie-flat bus $us 16
Panasur 22:15 PM 07:15 AM Suit lie-flat bus $us 23
Cruz del Norte 22:30 PM 07:30 AM Lie-flat bus $us 16
Cisne Bus Uyuni 21:15 PM 06:15 AM Lie-flat bus $us 22
Autobuses Emperador 22:30 PM 07:30 AM Lie-flat bus $us 15
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May 19th, 2024


Get bus tickets for the route Uyuni to La Paz and know all the available options to complete this trip. Discover the Uyuni to La Paz route with tourist and direct buses. Compare prices and learn the offers we have available for this route.

  • Direct trip

    You can travel directly by bus to La Paz from Uyuni. Buses will make one stop along the way for passengers to get some food and stretch their legs. Buses leave every day between 20:00 and 22:30. Please note that there are no departures during the day.

  • Trip with stopover

    The other option is to stop in Oruro or Potosi. Oruro is a city located 3-4 hours from Uyuni halfway to La Paz. You can take a bus from Uyuni to Oruro. Buses to La Paz via Oruro leave throughout the day from 4:00 to 22:30. You can also go via Potosi, a beautiful colonial town located 9 hours from La Paz and 4 hours from Uyuni.

  • Continue your trip

    The most popular destinations from La Paz by bus include: Copacabana, a charming town located on the shores of majestic Lake Titicaca. Puno, in neighboring Peru, famous for its folkloric festivities and its proximity to the Uros Islands. Sucre, Bolivia's beautiful constitutional capital, is also a sought-after destination. And Arica, a coastal city in Chile with stunning beaches and a warm climate.

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  • Trip duration: 10 hours
  • Distance: 540.0km
  • Price range: from $13 USD to $39 USD
    • Departure bus stop in Uyuni
      Arce Avenue (between Cabrera and Peru),158. Cabrera st.,Avaroa St. and Tomas Frias
    • Arrival bus terminal in La Paz
      Av. Uruguay (end) esq. Av. Perú,Uruguay avenue. Pasaje 710,Zona 10, Mariscal Sta. Cruz avenue (in front of Basilica de San Francisco and the San Francisco Museum Cultural Center)

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How long does a bus from Uyuni to La Paz take?
An average non-stop bus takes 9 hours, covering a distance of 731 km.

Are there buses from Uyuni to La Paz during the day?
No, all the direct buses are night journeys with departures from 20:00 to 22:30. To travel during the day you will have to go to Oruro first and take another bus to La Paz. You can also take a train from Uyuni to Oruro and then a bus to La Paz.

Is the road between Uyuni and La Paz fully asphalted?
Yes, the road usually used to travel between Uyuni and La Paz is fully asphalted.

What services are provided during the trip from Uyuni to La Paz?
Buses normally provide blankets, heating and have reclining seats up to 160° for lie-flat buses and 140° for semi lie-flat. Lie-flat buses have toilets on board. Snacks may be offered but generally a stop is scheduled for passengers to buy some food and go to the bathroom.

Can I take the train from Uyuni to La Paz?
No, there are no direct trains from Uyuni to La Paz but you can take a train from Uyuni to Oruro and then a bus from Oruro to La Paz. Trains leave Uyuni to Oruro on Tuesday and Friday at 09:10 am and Thursday and Sunday at 07:10 am. Buses from Oruro to La Paz are frequent throughout the day.

Where do buses leave from when traveling from Uyuni to La Paz?
Uyuni doesn’t have a bus terminal, instead all the buses leave from the same area between Avenida Cabrera and Avenida Colon. Buses leave from the office of the bus company, please check your e-ticket to find the exact location of your bus company.

Where is the bus terminal located in La Paz, is there a drop-off option?
The bus terminal in La Paz is located on Avenida Peru a few minutes by car from the city center (15-20 minutes walking). There are some hotels near the bus terminal and radio taxis are available 24h. All buses arrive at this terminal.

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