The majestic Uyuni Salt Flats

Visit the largest salt desert in the world from La Paz, Villazón and Calama.

If you are in La Paz you have 3 companies with their best buses waiting for you: Trans Omar, Panasur and Cruz del Norte, lie flat and semi lie flat buses.

To travel from Villazón to Uyuni you can do it in a direct trip or with a stopover in Oruro or Potosí.

If you are in Calama you can travel in a Semi lie flat bus. A journey of almost 11 hours.

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Salar de Uyuni
Illimani Mountain

La Paz city and the beauty of El Illimani

Arrive on one of the highest cities in the world. La Paz is at 3665 meters above sea level. The Illimani, and the gastronomy of the Government Seat are waiting for you. Travel from Arica, Cusco and Villazón.

Arriving in La Paz from Arica is very easy and fast. They are only 9 hours of travel from one country to another at an incredible price.

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Titikaka Lake, Copacabana and the Inca islands

Travel to the city with the highest lake in the world, Copacabana, from Puno, La Paz and Cusco.

Visit Isla del Sol, Isla de la Luna, Calvary, the floating islands and many other places in a unique place like Copacabana. The Cathedral of the city is waiting for you. If you are in Bolivia, you can visit it through the city of La Paz. Also visit it from Puno and Cusco, large Peruvian cities.

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Titikaka Lake
Capital of Bolivia

Sucre: Capital of Bolivia

Reach the city of history, not only Bolivian, but also other Latin American countries from Uyuni, Santa Cruz and La Paz.

Travel on a regular bus or semi lie flat from the largest salt desert in the world: Uyuni. Remember that we have direct trips and with a stopover, if you want to visit Potosí on the way to Sucre.

If you are in the city with the most economic movement in Bolivia, Santa Cruz, we have direct buses with a stopover in Cochabamba. The trip is approximately 14 hours.

Finally, if you are at the Government Seat of the country, you can take the tour in a lie flat bus.

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Imperial Villa of Potosi

Arrive on the colonial city of Bolivia from La Paz, Sucre and Villazón.

The mint, the Church of San Lorenzo and other places are waiting for you to soak up the history. Travel from the marvelous city: La Paz to Potosí. You can also do it from Sucre and Villazón.

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Imperial Villa of Potosi

Cusco: Former Capital of the Inca Empire

Travel to the city recognized for its great colonial architecture, Cusco. It arrives from La Paz, Puno and Lima.

Do you want to enter the Inca Empire Machu Picchu? To do it you must visit Cusco. Know its historic and narrow streets.

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Puno: Folkloric Capital of Peru

Travel to Puno from cities in Bolivia and Peru: La Paz, Cusco and Arequipa.

The San Juan Church, the Plaza de Armas, the Balcón de Lemos, the Arco de Deustua and many other places are waiting to amaze you with their incomparable infrastructure and beautiful landscapes.

More than five bus companies, some of them tourist, can take you there from which you can choose the one that best suits your routine and pocket. If you want a new experience, you can do it by train with Perurail.


Arequipa: City of Sillar

Learn how to get to the White City, recognized like that for the whiteness of sillar. Do it from La Paz, Puno and Lima.

Scene of white architecture, Arequipa awaits you with many of its tourist centers. Plaza de Armas, known as one of the most beautiful squares in Latin America; The Mirador de Yanahuara, from which you can observe, not only the city and its surroundings, but also its three snow capped volcanoes: Pichu Pichu, Chachani and Misti.

Arrive in Arequipa in semi lie flat, lie flat and tourist buses from the Government Seat of Bolivia: La Paz, Puno and Lima. Do it with the best bus companies. Buy your tickets from Tickets Bolivia and know the best options.

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