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There are 734 kilometers that separate the wonderful city of Uyuni, place in which you can find one of the most important tourist attractions in the world, the impressive Salar de Uyuni.
To start the trip to this new great destination, go to the Bus Terminal in the city of La Paz, located on the corner of Peru and Uruguay Avenues. You must make a payment of Bs 2.50 for the use of the terminal.
The trip takes approximately 11 hours. During the journey, the bus will have a stop at "Challapampa", where you can buy a snack and use the bathroom. The bus arrives on the corner of Cabrera and Arce Avenues in Uyuni.
If you want to experience a train trip, you can do it! Travel from La Paz to Oruro by bus and from Oruro to Uyuni by train. The railway transport companies are: Expreso del Sur (Tuesday and Friday) and Wara Wara del Sur (Wednesday and Sunday).
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