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Bolivia is a beautiful country that has an unparalleled geographic and multi-ethnic diversity. Located in the heart of South America, this country boasts natural wonders that range from the high plateau in the Andes, through valleys in the center of the country and reaching the Amazon basin. What are you waiting for to visit this country? Enjoy a pleasant trip and arrive in Bolivia quickly and safely.

Arrive by plane

The main airports are in Santa Cruz and La Paz, the latter being the one that receives several tourists for its cultural heritage of various indigenous groups. From there it is common to make trips to Uyuni, Tiwanaku, Lake Titicaca and the Andes mountains. On the other hand, international trips arrive from Santa Cruz and it is the gateway to the country.

Tips for your trip to Bolivia

Once you have decided on your travel date, it is time to buy the tickets. To avoid crowds and the physical contact of exchanging money, we recommend you buy your tickets online. In the Tickets Bolivia portal, you can buy tickets with a credit or debit card, through PayPal or by bank deposit if you are in Bolivia, you can even pay by QR code. This way you avoid direct contact with people.

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Tickets Bolivia now also gives you the opportunity to buy plane tickets with various destinations inside and outside of Bolivia, we join the air transport to offer you several travel options, in addition to having all kinds of payments, which are easily accessible, safe and from any place you are.

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