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    A unique tourist complex that offers the possibility of meeting the protagonists of this recreation in one of the best natural settings showing the migration of animals, the extension of these dinosaurs and the limit between the Mesozoic and Tertiary eras. In the park you can find replicas, flora and fauna of the last period of the dinosaurs; made on a real scale by expert sculptors under the scientific direction of paleontologists. Among the most outstanding we find the impressive titanosaur of 36 meters long and 18 mts high, there is also a replica of an ankylosaurus armor whose footprints can be seen in the place. Other replicas include the tyrannosaurus rex, the carnotaur and other species of herbivores, carnivores, reptiles and amphibians from the Cretaceous period.


    A few meters from the city of Sucre is the largest site of dinosaur footprints in the world. The imposing cliff of Cal Orcko (lime hill) reveals the secrets of various species of these fabulous animals, which disappeared 68 million years ago. Around 12,000 dinosaur footprints of at least 8 species, 581 mts of continuous walking for a theropod, a distance that represents a world record, and 462 continuous individual walks are combined in a cliff 1,500 mts long and 110 mts high. To visit this site you must wear flat and closed shoes.

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