TRAVEL OPTIONS FROM CUSCO TO LA PAZ offers several bus travel options to make this tour:

  • Direct trip:You can make a direct trip that passes through the migratory border of the Desaguadero. This trip passes through Puno where most of the bus companies have a small stop to pick up passengers. The buses are: Trans Salvador, Tour Peru, Bolivia Hop and New International Continent.
  • Trip with stopover:The other option goes through the border in Kasani / Yunguyo which is a trip with a stopover in Puno or Copacabana where you can visit beautiful landscapes and colonial relics such as the Basilica of San Francisco, dedicated to the virgin of Copacabana, besides the attractions of Lake Titicaca as the Sun Island. The buses are: Transzela, Tour Peru, Trans Titicaca, Vicuna Travel, Diana Tours, Huayruro Tours.
  • Tourist trip:Finally you have the option of making the trip with a tourist bus that offers you to make the "Sun route" with stops at various archaeological sites; This tour is more extensive and lasts more than 24 hours. The buses are: Inka Express, Wonder Peru Expedition, Bolivia Hop, Turisbus.

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  • Witch market:Located in downtown La Paz, behind San Francisco church, it is one of the most visited places by tourists. Here you can find traditional mixtures, amulets and various products that the diverse Bolivian cultures use to make offerings to Mother Earth, known as the Pachamama. In the place you can also find clothes, accessories and ornaments with Aymara motifs that you can take as a souvenir.
  • Moon valley:This place acquires its name thanks to the geological characteristics of the land with a landscape out of this world. It is located 40 minutes from the city of La Paz, on the way to the Mallasa sector.
  • Cable car:A transport service consisting of 6 lines with different routes that will help you to know the whole city of La Paz from above. Remember that La Paz is located at 3,650 M.S.N.M. You can board any of the lines in the areas of Irpavi, Obrajes (Curva de Holguín), Alto Obrajes, Av. Arce, Plaza Villarroel, etc.
  • Viewpoints:The most visited viewpoints are the Viewpoint of Pura Pura, Killi Killi, located in the peripheral zone and the viewpoint of Laicacota located on Avenida del Ejército.
  • Hotels: The most recognized hotels in the city are:
    • Hotel Presidente:Characterized by its beautiful view and haute cuisine restaurant. Located on the corner of Potosí St. and Genaro Sanjinés #920.
    • Hotel Gloria:Characterized by having three branches in places near La Paz: Copacabana, Coroico and Urmiri. Find the central house on Potosí St. #909.
    • Hotel Ritz:If you arrive to La Paz with the desire to do business, this is your hotel. With large meeting rooms, the hotel will provide the best quality service. Located on Av. Arce in Isabel la Católica square #2478.

    If you aren’t looking for big hotels, you can find a variety of them, and hostels near the bus terminal of La Paz.

  • Restaurants:The most significant and representative restaurants in the city of La Paz are:
    • Ali Pacha:It offers signature cuisine based on characteristic bolivian vegetables. Located in the central street: Colón, #1306.
    • Gustu:Recognized as one of 50 best restaurants in Latin America. It is a signature haute cuisine restaurant that uses only bolivian products. Located on 10th St. Calacoto, almost Costanera Av., #300.
    • Alexander Coffee:It has several branches where you can enjoy a delicious coffee and light tasting dishes. Find it on Av. 16 de Julio (Prado) #1832.

    If you want to taste typical and traditional food, you can find many more options around the city, especially behind San Francisco church, on Calle Murillo.

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