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  • Morro de Arica: Morro de Arica is a steep hill in the center of Arica with an enormous Chilean flag at the top. It was a strategic military point in the battle for Arica between the Bolivians, Peruvians and Chileans during the War of the Pacific. Its height is 139 meters above sea level. 
  • St. Mark Cathedral: The St. Mark Cathedral is a Catholic church located in the center of Arica near Plaza Colon and the Morro. It a beautiful building with three naves, an asymmetrical façade and stained glass windows. The building was commissioned by the government of Peruvian President José Balta to the Eiffel Company and erected in 1876 at the same site as the previous cathedral which was destroyed by the 1868 earthquake. 
  • Beaches: Arica has a number of beaches to choose from. Enjoy Playa Chinchorro if you want space and close proximity to the city center, La Lisera if you want something a little out of town, and La Liserilla which is further away. 
  • Anzota Caves: Just 12 kilometers south of Arica are the Anzota Caves, a beautiful geological formation. Centuries earlier, the caves were home to the fishermen of the Chinchorro culture, the first human group to pay homage to their ancestors and death through mummification. You can drive down but you can also rent some bikes and enjoy the journey.
  • Azapa: A 35-minute drive from the city of Arica it is also home to the Miguel de Azapa Archaeological Museum which houses the Chinchorro mummies and other original pieces found in the Caleta Camarones indigenous cemetery.
  • Lauca National Park: An hour and a half outside the city of Arica, you can find the Lauca National Park, at an altitude of over 4,000 meters. This park bordering Bolivia covers 140,000 hectares and is known for its breathtaking scenery and the beautiful Lakes Chungara and Cotacotani. The Parinacota and Romperape Volcanoes overlook the area diverse wildlife, which includes vicuñas, llamas and flamingos. You can do trips and treks through tour agencies located within Arica, stay out in the town of Putre, next to the park, or visit for the day if you have a rental car.

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