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Bus Company Departure Arrival Type of bus Price from  
Transzela 15:30 PM 22:00 PM Lie-flat bus $us 15
Trans Titicaca 08:00 AM 17:30 PM Semi lie-flat bus $us 14
Trans Salvador 07:30 AM 16:30 PM Lie-flat bus $us 21
Trans Litoral 07:30 AM 15:30 PM Lie-flat bus $us 19
Nuevo Continente Internacional 07:40 AM 16:00 PM Lie-flat bus $us 23
Bolivia Hop 07:00 AM 21:00 PM Tourist bus $us 30
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Oct 1st, 2023


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  • Direct trip

    You can take a direct bus from La Paz to Puno. The buses leave from the main terminal in La Paz, on Avenida Peru, between 7:00 and 16:30. Before boarding the bus, you will have to pay a small terminal fee, which costs 2.5 bolivianos (around $US 0.40). The buses arrive in Puno at the bus terminal located on Avenida Primero de Mayo.

  • Trip with stopover

    You can also travel from La Paz to Puno with a stop in Copacabana, a town on the shore of Lake Titicaca. The buses to Copacabana leave from the same bus terminal, and from Copacabana there are many buses that leave every day to Puno.

  • Tourist trip

    For a Tourist Trip, you can take Bolivia Hop. Their buses leave at 7:00 and arrive at 20:00 in Puno. They include the cost of crossing the Tiquina Strait in the bus ticket.

After finishing your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email, with your electronic ticket. If you do not receive this email within an hour of the successful purchase, please contact us immediately at

  • Trip duration: 38 hours
  • Distance: 263.0km
  • Price range: from $14 USD to $30 USD
    • Departure bus stop in La Paz
      Uruguay avenue,Uruguay avenue. Pasaje 710,Zona 10, Mariscal Sta. Cruz avenue (in front of Basilica de San Francisco and the San Francisco Museum Cultural Center)
    • Arrival bus terminal in Puno
      Primero de Mayo 703,SUMAYA TRAVEL AGENCY Primero de Mayo 703

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Hoy long is the trip from La Paz to Puno?
The trip can take between 5 and 15 hours, depending on the option you choose (direct trip or tourist trip). Also, it depends on if your bus crosses the border at Desaguadero or through Copacabana, and the time it takes you to clear migration at the border.

Are there night buses for this route?
No, there are not night trips from La Paz to Puno because the border closes at 19:00.

Is the road paved?

What services do the bus companies provide?
The lie-flat buses have seats that recline to 170 degrees. Semi-lie-flat buses have seats that recline up to 160 degrees, and the seats in normal buses recline up to 140 degrees. The first two options offer entertainment, WC and air conditioning. No food, beverages nor blankets are offered.

Is there a pickup/drop off option?
Yes, the option of tourist trip with Bolivia Hop can offer to pick you up and drop you off.

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