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May 19th, 2024


Get bus tickets for the route Puno to Cusco and know all the available options to complete this trip. Discover the Puno to Cusco route with tourist and direct buses. Compare prices and learn the offers we have available for this route with some information on destinations to continue your visit to Peru.

  • Direct trip

    The direct trip by bus from Puno to Cusco takes about 7 hours. The buses leave from the bus terminal in Puno, located on Primero de Mayo Avenue; and arrive in Cusco at the bus terminal, located on Via del Evitamiento. The companies that offer this service are: Turismo Mer, Transzela and Avalos Tours.

  • Tourist bus

    There are also companies that offer tourist transportation from Puno to Cusco. The tourist bus companies that work on this route are Turismo Mer and Avalos Tours. The bus makes stops along the way so that passengers have the opportunity to tour different sites and take pictures. The ticket also includes lunch and snacks and guided tours in English/Spanish.

  • Continue your trip

    Several popular destinations offer incredible experiences after your visit in Cusco like: Arequipa, also known as the “White City” with its colonial charm. Lima, the vibrant capital city of Peru. Nazca, with its enigmatic geoglyphs. And Machu Picchu, the ancient citadel of the Incas and biggest attraction in Peru.

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Bus Company Departure Arrival Type of bus Price from  
Turismo Mer 22:00 PM 05:00 AM Lie-flat bus $us 23
Turismo Mer 07:00 AM 17:00 PM Tourist bus $us 69
Transzela 08:45 AM 15:30 PM Lie-flat bus $us 15
Transzela 22:20 PM 08:50 AM Lie-flat bus $us 15
Transzela 22:00 PM 08:30 AM Lie-flat bus $us 15
Transportes Libertad 07:15 AM 15:15 PM Lie-flat bus $us 14
Transportes Libertad 21:00 PM 05:00 AM Lie-flat bus $us 14
Transportes Libertad 11:45 AM 19:45 PM Lie-flat bus $us 14
Avalos Tours 07:00 AM 17:30 PM Tourist bus $us 70
Avalos Tours 22:00 PM 05:00 AM Lie-flat bus $us 21


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  • Trip duration: 10 hours
  • Distance: 386.0km
  • Price range: from $14 USD to $70 USD
    • Departure bus stop in Puno
      Jiron Primero de Mayo #703,SUMAYA TRAVEL AGENCY Primero de Mayo 703
    • Arrival bus terminal in Cusco
      Luis Vallejo Santoni Avenue,H-16B Las Americas avenue,23. Industrial avenue. rb. Huancaro, Cusco.

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How long does it take to travel from Puno to Cusco by bus?
The duration of the bus journey from Puno to Cusco is approximately 7 hours, depending on the traffic and road conditions. The distance between the two cities is around 390 kilometers.

Are there any stops or attractions along the Puno to Cusco route?
Sí, hay varias paradas y atracciones notables a lo largo de la ruta de Puno a Cusco. La más popular es el famoso yacimiento arqueológico de Raqchi, también conocido como el Templo de Wiracocha. Puede tomar una opción de bus turístico para disfrutar de estos lugares.

What amenities can I expect on a bus trip from Puno to Cusco?
Los buses suelen ofrecer asientos cómodos, baño a bordo, aire acondicionado o calefacción y ventanas panorámicas para disfrutar del paisaje. Algunos buses también ofrecen conexión Wi-Fi gratuita, enchufes y opciones de entretenimiento como películas o música.

Are there any safety considerations I should be aware of when traveling by bus from Puno to Cusco?
Aunque los viajes en bus suelen ser seguros en Perú, es aconsejable tomar algunas precauciones. Mantenga sus pertenencias seguras y a la vista durante el viaje. También es buena idea llevar una copia del pasaporte y los documentos importantes.

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