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Tickets Bolivia offers you several travel options to make this trip:
Direct trip: You can travel directly from Santa Cruz to Robore by bus. Buses leave at night starting at 20:30hrs, with an estimated arrival time at 2:30am. The company that offers this service is Trans Bolivia la Pionera and Expresso Huracan in a sleeper bus.

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  • El Chorro: It is called this way because of the stream of water that falls from the hill directly into a rustic construction forming a natural shower. There are spaces for recreation (there are grills for rent) and obviously, enjoy the refreshing waters of the Robore river.
  • The Calvary of the San Francisco neighborhood: It offers a spectacular view of the town. To climb up to this site it is advisable to wear flat shoes, light clothing, hats, sunglasses and bring water. Before arriving there is the steepest climb.
  • Los Totaisales: here waterfalls and unique rock formations are part of the attraction.
  • Bridge to the San Antonio neighborhood: This is the favorite spot for visitors to take pictures with the Chochís hill in the background. If you are lucky and if access is possible, you can appreciate the train cemetery, with steam locomotives from before the 70s and old cars that were left in disuse giving way to diesel locomotives and the comfort of the current passenger cars.
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