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  • Carnival of Oruro: The Carnival of Oruro is an annual festival held in Oruro. It is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Bolivia. Its history goes back more than 200 years, and it is an indigenous festival which later merged with Catholic rituals.
  • Virgen del Socavon: The Sanctuary of the Virgin of Socavon (Virgin of the Mines) was built in 1781. Here locals worship the Virgin, patron saint of the miners. The sanctuary also has religious art museum and can be accessed by cable car in the weekends.
  • The Obrajes Hot Springs - Balneario de Obrajes: About 20 kilometers east of the city there is an important area of thermal waters which is quickly becoming known among tourists and Bolivians as the country best medicinal-recreational center. Locals believe its waters have curative qualities and there is accommodation there. 
  • The Capachos Hot Springs – Balneario Capachos: Located 12 kilometers from Oruro, it has hot springs too, along with individual baths and covered pools. The view of the surrounding area is very peaceful and pretty.
  • Food: Try charquekan, the Oruro specialty dish of dried llama meat served with fresh cheese, beans, corn and spicy sauce.
  • Accommodation: Book ahead if you are planning to visit Oruro during the Carnival as hotels and hostels will fill up very quickly.

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